Y’all, we have some of the best members out at PAR CC! With summer just around the corner, it was time to get the pool cleaned up & ready to rock! With a volunteer work day scheduled for Saturday, May 2nd at 9am, we hoped we’d knock it out pretty quick. Thirteen folks showed up to help, and we got it cleaned faster than we could have imagined! Hard work doesn’t feel so bad when you’ve got friends by your side!

Unfortunately, the deep end wasn’t completely drained yet. So, we scheduled a second work day for May 4th at 6pm. Turns out we have some awesome community members that aren’t even members at PAR. A very special thanks goes to Rudy Diaz for offering to bring out his portable power washer! Thanks to him, the pool was shiny & clean in no time!

Thanks to all who came! We know the pool will be widely enjoyed this summer thanks to your hard work! Rudy Diaz, Brandon Brooks, John & Margie Gleaton, Gordon & Valerie Obert, Frank & Kathy Harris, Jim Elliott & Connie Pittman, Randy & Kristin Taylor, Riley Hilliard & Chelsea Marlin, Trent Taylor & Blair Talmadge, Kasey Middleton & Dana Middleton, Rian Luscher, Wally, Alan Gray, Todd Bearden, and Aaron & Amy Carroll.